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Frequently Asked Questions

An osteopath is a professional qualified health practioner, specifically trained to diagnose musculoskeletal problems that can be the root problem of a visceral or nervous system that is not aligned with the rest of the body. An osteopath plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people of all ages. If you have pain, and you have found us, we are here to help you out!

OsteópataPalma offers highly qualified professional osteopaths in musculoskeletal pain and pediatric osteopathy. We treat the biomechanics and postural asymmetries that are the cause of pain in the first instance, as well as visceral, craneo-sacral osteopathy and somato- emotional releases with specific techniques.

Professional Team

We are a team of highly qualified experienced professionals. Our aim is to help you be the most comfortable in your body by aligning your structure to the best of our ability. Thanks for choosing us.

Osteópata Palma Helen Bonetti. Tu centro de osteopatía y fisioterapia de Mallorca.

Helen Bonetti

Registered Osteopath ROE no. 437

I´m a registered osteopath specialized in removing pain with mechanical, joint, muscular and nervous system manipulation techniques for adults and the elderly, children, and babies.

Elisabeth Modalen

Registered Osteopath ROE no. 818

I am an osteopath with a bachelor degree in Osteopathy from the University of Oslo. I´m specialized in joint mobilization that is out of alignment, and spinal integration and alignment as all musculo-skeletal tissues dis-eased are interconnected; in this way I can relieve pain caused by inflammation and tensed muscles. I focus on building a positive relationship with my patients as I believe it will have an important impact on the outcome of the treatment.

Cornelius Polderman

Registered Osteopath

You have found me! Osteopathy is a profession I enjoy very much. It gives me the opportunity to help others with everyday ailments. I have a lot of knowledge about sports injuries, obstetrics, gastrointestinal issues, headaches & dizziness. I work with patients of all ages and my aim is to help you the best way possible through conversation, clinic examination, and treatment.

The goal of the osteopath is to recover the normal function of the tissues, achieving at the same time the reduction or resolution of symptoms. Our aim is to find the best alignment the body can hold in that session, and to balance the posture, to avoid problems such as arthritis, stiffness and consequently pain. We improve joint movement through out the body and between each vertebrae so that the discs can have the best blood supply, a well-fed disc takes pressure off the nerves.

The most common causes of pain are due to asymmetric postures such as loss of curvature of the spine, one leg longer than the other, a torsion of the pelvis, scoliosis, forward shoulder rotation, deformity of the natural curve of the neck due to sedentary work, lack of exercise, aging, and the natural degeneration of tissues.

Your osteopath will explain to you where your pain is coming from and how to best recover it through rehabilitation and home exercises. We care about you.

How can we help you?

Cervical pain

Tension headaches
Bruxism, and muscle spasm

Lumbar pain

Disc protrusion
Nerve impingement
Postural imbalances or Scoliosis

Knee pain

Lack of movement
Osgood schlatter
Chondromalacia patella

Shoulder pain

Capsulitis or frozen shoulder
Biceps tendinitis
Acromio-clavicular impingement


Musculoskeletal pain
Plantar fascitis

Baby and children in pain

Irritable babies
Colic – Reflux
Torticollis & plagiocephaly

Feedback from our clients

Our cover letter based on the experience of other clients. Trust us.

Erik Alvarez-Buylla
Erik Alvarez-Buylla
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Profesional y buen trato. Muy recomendable!
Thomas Talluto
Thomas Talluto
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Tube un problema en la pierna,estuve en este centro y desde cuando entré ya me sentí en casa. Me atendió Elizabeth una chica super amable y muy profesional en el su trabajo. Praticamente entré como una 500 y salí de ahí como una Ferrrari. Totalmente recomendable.
Cristina López
Cristina López
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¡Qué experiencia tan increíble con Elisabeth! Desde el momento en que entré en su consulta, su energía amable y acogedora me hizo sentir como en casa. Me escuchó atentamente y comprendió mis preocupaciones, y su enfoque delicado pero efectivo realmente hizo maravillas en mi cuerpo. Me hizo sentir muy cuidada.
Aidan Prendeville
Aidan Prendeville
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I had the best experience here with Elizabeth, she is a very knowledgeable and considerate professional who provided a top quality service at a reasonable price. Thank you for all your hard work!
Edu Losilla
Edu Losilla
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Llevo muchos años con dolores en el hombro izquierdo y después de probar en mil sitios…me siento mucho mejor después de mis sesiones con Elisabeth, gran profesional y persona. 100%recomendada!!!
Mateusz Grodzki
Mateusz Grodzki
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Thank you for your help. I forgot about the shoulder pain the second day after the procedure.
Dani Training
Dani Training
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Helen es una gran profesional, se nota que le encanta lo que hace por que ya me ha tratado y se preocupó mucho por ayudarme, inclusive dedicando más tiempo de lo prometido y por los mismos honorarios. Se nota que conoce el cuerpo humano a la perfección y que es su pasión. Ella a nivel personal muy simpática, muy cercana y transmite muy buena energía. Mil gracias por atenderme y recomendable 100%!! Nos vemos el lunes para la siguiente.
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Lo mejor es la confianza de saber que estás en buenas manos en todo momento y salir de cada sesión con la energía renovada. Gracias Helen y a todo el equipo de OsteopataPalma por vuestra labor.
Naor Topaz
Naor Topaz
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Muy profesional y muy simpática, súper recomendable.
Danyele Tanuggi
Danyele Tanuggi
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Equipo profesional, con mucha experiencia y conocimientos. Local céntrico y con fácil aparcamiento en la zona.

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