Specialists in Osteopathy

Who was the founder of osteopathy?

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917)  was a great intellectual pioneer, a wise and free thinker, who through a personal tragedy exchanged pharmaceutical drugs for anatomical manipulation techniques. Through his experience and research he discovered the body has a self-regulating and healing capability to adapt and re-discover better health and vitality.
He based his research in primary principles such as. that the basis of a good blood flow is the key, that the body with all its parts is a unit, and that function and structure are interconnected. Dr. Andrew taught his students that to heal a tissue it is necessary to know very well anatomy: “the artery, vein and nerve have to be free of obstruction, if there is pain find what is obstructing it and correct it.”

Fundador de la osteopatia Adrew Taylor Still 1914

If nowadays osteopathy had not been supported by scientific studies, practitioners of osteopathy would have been called quacks, or bone crackers. Thanks to the dedication of this doctor in publishing his studies in textbooks and training his students in the art of Osteopathy. His teachings would find their way to Europe and the rest of the world.

To find Health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.