Specialists in Osteopathy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have pain?

The symptoms are countless, the causes can be postural, bones out of place or compensations, such as scoliosis, that the body replaces so that you can function as well as possible and with the maximum possible vitality.

How much treatment do I need?

Once we identify why you are in pain and how to improve your biomechanics. Your osteopath will advise an individual treatment plan for you.
We will always work with you to identify the best conditions and how we can help you to obtain the best results and progressive improvement.

Can you help me?

We can help you improve the quality of your tissues and your posture, but we will also guide you to improve or maintain your health for years to come.

Can medication help?

It is an option, but it is not the most recommendable. Medication hides symptoms immediately, but in the long term, if the root cause of the problem is not treated, it could worsen and become chronic.

Who do we treat?

We treat all types of people, babies, children, pregnant women, athletes, adults and the elderly. Each individual in a personalized way to its current situation.