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Obstetric osteopathy

The main objective of Obstetric Osteopathy is to ensure the greatest comfort of the mother and the fetus throughout the pregnancy. We take care of the woman’s body in all the changes that she will undergo during pregnancy, trying to achieve the maximum adaptation of it and reducing the discomfort that may arise as much as possible.

Osteopatía obstétrica en Palma de Mallorca

In what problems can Obstetric Osteopathy help me during pregnancy?

Gynecological and obstetric osteopathy is indicated for many of the ailments that women usually present during pregnancy, such as:

Osteopathy during pregnancy to prepare the body for the time of delivery.

Osteopathy for pregnant women is very important, especially during the last trimester.
The treatment consists of improving the mobility of the bones that are directly involved in the birth process (such as the sacrum, coccyx, lumbar spine …), also insisting on the flexibility of ligaments and muscles in the pelvic area (especially the muscles of the pelvic floor).
That is, our goal with obstetric or gynecological osteopathy is to adapt the body of the future mother well, so that the delivery can develop correctly, avoiding long and painful deliveries, as well as unnecessary cesarean sections or episiotomies.
Osteopathy during pregnancy will help us achieve a natural delivery in the best conditions.


There are certain situations in which obstetric osteopathy treatment would not be indicated. For example, those pregnancies considered “risky”, in which there are losses, in which rest must be kept, or in which there is a medical contraindication (an example of this would be having problems with gestational arterial hypertension).

What are osteopathy sessions during pregnancy?

Osteopathy during pregnancy works on the woman’s body from a global perspective, with the help of gentle manual techniques that will aim to reduce discomforts that may arise during 40 weeks of gestation.
It works with non-aggressive and little painful techniques to ensure the comfort of the mother and the fetus.

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    Osteópata Palma Helen Bonetti. Tu centro de osteopatía y fisioterapia de Mallorca.

    Helen Bonetti

    Registered Osteopath no. 437

    I´m a registered osteopath specialized in removing pain with mechanical, joint, muscular and nervous system manipulation techniques for adults and the elderly, children, and babies.

    Elisabeth Modalen

    Professional and graduate; ROE (Spanish osteopathic register)

    I am an osteopath with a bachelor degree in Osteopathy from the University of Oslo. I´m specialized in joint mobilization that is out of alignment, and spinal integration and alignment as all musculo-skeletal tissues dis-eased are interconnected; in this way I can relieve pain caused by inflammation and tensed muscles. I focus on building a positive relationship with my patients as I believe it will have an important impact on the outcome of the treatment.

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    Mateusz Grodzki
    Mateusz Grodzki
    Thank you for your help. I forgot about the shoulder pain the second day after the procedure.
    Dani Training
    Dani Training
    Helen es una gran profesional, se nota que le encanta lo que hace por que ya me ha tratado y se preocupó mucho por ayudarme, inclusive dedicando más tiempo de lo prometido y por los mismos honorarios. Se nota que conoce el cuerpo humano a la perfección y que es su pasión. Ella a nivel personal muy simpática, muy cercana y transmite muy buena energía. Mil gracias por atenderme y recomendable 100%!! Nos vemos el lunes para la siguiente.
    Lo mejor es la confianza de saber que estás en buenas manos en todo momento y salir de cada sesión con la energía renovada. Gracias Helen y a todo el equipo de OsteopataPalma por vuestra labor.
    Naor Topaz
    Naor Topaz
    Muy profesional y muy simpática, súper recomendable.
    Danyele Tanuggi
    Danyele Tanuggi
    Equipo profesional, con mucha experiencia y conocimientos. Local céntrico y con fácil aparcamiento en la zona.
    Nigel S
    Nigel S
    I first met Helen outside of her practice, she very kindly looked at a problem I had with my foot, remarkably the following day it was a lot better with no swelling. I have now been to see her a number of times for a back problem. I would 100% highly recommend her. Look forward to see you soon when back in September.
    Laura Canepuccia
    Laura Canepuccia
    Sessions with Hellen are not only good for the body but marvellous with the energetic balance
    maria moya castells
    maria moya castells
    Personalmente recomiendo 100% a Hellen ....es una gran profesional y la ejecución de su trabajo es inmejorable.¡ Tiene unas manos que parecen las de un ángel.! Su trabajo también es holistico al mismo tiempo que resolutivo en cuanto a las dolencias del cuerpo. A mi me la recomendó una clienta y estoy encantada. Gracias infinitas
    He tenido la suerte de encontrar a esta plantilla de profesionales para hacer que mi cuerpo esté en perfecto estado. Además de ser grandes profesionales , el trato humano es excepcional. Gracias, sobre todo a Helen, por vuestra gran dedicación.
    Mariangela Ingrilli
    Mariangela Ingrilli
    Grazie Elizabeth per il pronto intervento… mani fatate! Professionale e amichevole…. Di più non si può chiedere!